Friday, August 05, 2005

today's project


So today I put together this sandbox for my little (I'm actually pausing here trying to come up with the right word...I'm tempted to say "terror" but I'll be nice and say...) munchkin. I had this ellaborate redwood sandbox complete with bench and cover in my head, but finally accepted the fact that by the time I worked out the design and got around to building it the little one would not be so little anymore.


Supplies: a metal tub, 3 swivel caster wheels, nuts & bolts and a sheet of plywood. Just screwed the wheels to the underside, drilled a hole in the bottom and covered it with fabric to keep sand in and water flowing out, cut a plywood circle for the cover and attached an old kitchen cabinet handle I had in my keep-this-it-will-be-good-for-something stash. And the little (uh-hem) munchkin was having a ball playing until, for some reason, he completely turned on me and started pinching and throwing anything in my direction that he could get his little hands on. And saying "NO!" only made him laugh. So that explains my current attitude toward my "little angel" at this particular moment. Spend all that time tryin' to do something nice, and what do I get in return? Rough housed! So we're inside now. (like that's going to teach a year-and-a-half old anything!)


Alexandria The Great said...

You have the cuttest blog ever! &^_^&

Out of the Box Designs said...

alexandria the great~
aw shucks! thanks...and i enjoy reading your adventures as well!

Shae said...

Wow! Your blog is beautiful...I'm cruising through to get an idea of how other people's blogs are (I'm new to this) and yours is an inspiration!! I'm sure you worked very hard on it!!