Monday, August 15, 2005

happy happy joy joy happy happy joy

Here's the many wonderful treasures!

♥ Hand crochetted tote from Hook Me Up! Crochet
Beaded necklace from The
Starving Artist Bazaar
Pin cushin from Uplifting Arts
Bee charm from Amy Peters' Studio
Hand-stamped glass magnet from CarryBoo
Beaded keychain from Frosty Lime
Button from Whammy!Buttons
♥ Button from Heyday Fashion
♥ Orange magnet from Orange County Crafters
Zine from Croq
♥ Button pin from Lauren Urban
♥ Notecard from Glamscience
♥ "Girls & Robots" Stationary from DeMarco Designs
♥ Mini painting from Fern House Studio
♥ Handmade soap from Naikid Inc.
♥ Felt cat hairpin fom Copacetique
♥ Stickers from JLR Fashions

1 comment:

Josie said...

What is the Sampler, exactly? Does each artist send in their artwork and then it gets redistributed to subscribers?