Monday, July 09, 2007

beautiful curves

These are the sorts of pictures we come home with after a trip.

The husband prefers photos with people in them.


So I finally toured the Disney Concert Hall by architect Frank Gehry. You've seen it - it's in all the commercials these days. A sleek backdrop for shiny cars or models draped in fashion. The design was all the buzz when I lived in L.A. but they didn't actually start building it until I left the city. No one trusted a design that required global positioning units designed by NASA to construct it. Silly.

So Gehry built sub sequential designs in other cities (Bilboa's Guggenheim Museum and Seattle's Experience Music Project). Finally L.A. thought, hmmmm... maybe we should build our curvy Gehry building!

Beautiful curves.

"I think the most significant struggle in any creative pursuit is to maintain the spontaneity of the original idea. So it's a careful dance: I have to capture it without smothering it, and once I've got it, the sketch becomes a sort of record; in a way, it becomes the ideal that I struggle and fight to maintain throughout the whole process. Sometimes I get it right, and when I do, it's all in the sketches."
-Frank O. Gehry

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Tom said...

I've come to appreciate photos without people in them, thanks to your amazing eye.