Thursday, July 12, 2007

losing my mind

It's always been my dream to make the house run like a well-oiled machine. Clutter tucked away, not behind on laundry, everything sparkling and clean. I got a couple birthday presents to help me stay on top of household duties - a couple things I wishlisted in giddy anticipation. A binder and kit for organizing take-out menus and another for organizing things related to household maintanence. Whooppee!

Both are created by a great little company - Knock Knock. Super fabulous. I love all their little notepads and stickies. Think I'll have to order myself the "Thanks A Lot" pad to streamline my thankyou process. (I'm about 6 months behind on thankyous - I know, scandalous!) In the spirit of KnockKnock, I bought all kinds of dividers, plastic sleeves and envelopes for a binder aimed to organize my head. Bills here, things to file there, ideas jotted here, receipts tucked away there. Let's see if I start to feel less like I'm losing my mind.

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