Thursday, July 26, 2007

even though I had cash in my wallet

Even though the baby was crying,
even though my son was fighting,
even though it was hot hot hot,
even though I had cash in my wallet -
I cooked dinner.
(that aaaaalmost rhymes)
Yesterday evening required a couple glasses of wine to sooth my nerves before I could even think about starting. It was just One. Of. Those. Days. Imagine a 3-year old running around the house refusing to put any clothes on. Imagine me begging and pleading with him to put on his shorts. Imagine the glee in his eye when he yells, "NO!" And, yes folks, I actually uttered the words, "Wait till your father gets home!"

On the menu:

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (I just LOVE Yoshidas!)
Brown Rice
Vegetables sauteed with Garlic

For this evening I've thawed a chicken breast we grilled a while back. Tacos maybe? Could be simple. Maybe even just chicken sandwiches. I am so sleepy this afternoon. Staring at the computer trying to finalize designs for "Project Backyard" has my eyes tired. Really want to get these drawings done so we can move forward with this. I'll try to share what I've been working on tomorrow.

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