Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Um... yeah... so we weren't the only ones who went to the beach this weekend.

Oh, lovely beach. We drove by en route to something else on Saturday and that blue ocean and white sand called to us. We decided right there and then that Sunday would be beach day. So we headed out early on Sunday, snagged a good parking spot and nestled into our little patch of sand. Things I love about the beach:

1) hot sand between my toes when the wind starts to stir up a little chill
2) people watching
3) staring out at the horizon where the sky meets the water (feeling like I'm right on the edge and knowing I'm not land locked)

We always say we'll go to the beach every weekend this summer and then we never end up going as much as we would like. But it's there - and we know it's there. We see people picking up and leaving for places where you can buy twice as much house for half the price and it often is tempting. But I don't actually think Tom and I could ever leave the coast. Even moving an hour inland is too stifling. But, once again, we're not the only ones with oceanlust. The beaches around here are so much more crowded than when we were kids. Where did all these people come from? I see entire hillsides turning into housing developments and I think, how can we possibly accommodate more people? I can't imagine what the beach will look like when my kids take their kids. Well, by then, our house will probably be oceanfront, what with global warming and the possibility of California slipping into the ocean and all, so at least we won't have to worry about parking - that is, if we're not all hovering around with jetpacks on our backs.

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