Friday, July 27, 2007

maybe tonight I'll even try a bit of this steak

Quick post about dinner.
(last night's dinner, that is - I'm so behind)
As I'm finishing tonight's dinner, I'm posting about last night. Tacos last night. Simple simple. Tonight - it's special. Not only was my man big enough to go through everything he had to go through this week, he also called me on the cell this evening while I was quickly picking up something at the store to cook up for dinner, to tell me he was home and would meet me at the store to get littler Mr. 3-Year Old for a trip to the park. And, he's in public relations and often edits me whenever I talk about his work-stuff here online... so I'm just not even gonna go into it. But, it was a tough week for him at work. So, I thought I'd cook up a good dinner for him. Steak. Fillet minon. Some potatoes and some cocconut shrimp on the side. Surf n'turf, baby! Seriously folks, I'm so jealous of this carnivorous craving for beef. Maybe tonight I'll even try a bite of this steak. I'd love it if it stuck. I'd love to love steak. But, got a boneless, skinless teriyaki chicken breast in the wings if the bloody stuff doesn't take.

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