Wednesday, July 25, 2007

pretty, pretty, pretty

I'm thinking I may soon put an end to the fabric I'm selling through my website. It seems that every time I print up a huge batch of fabric, I get a big order and end up having to send it all out. (and I shouldn't be complaining - I'm not really - I'm always happy to get orders!) But I really want to start making my own things with the fabric I make. Still haven't had a chance to sew up a quilt. We'll see. But if you're reading this and have been thinking about ordering fabric, do it soon. Because it might soon be a thing of the past. Time for me to start putting that new sewing machine to work!

I'm completely zonked this afternoon. We just got back from a couple hours at Chuck-E-Cheese. I feel like I was really losing my cool at the end there - frustrated that little boy got so much joy out of simply plopping tokens into the games without any clue as to what to do once the game had begun. I know I should just be happy for his happiness, but I get all strangely competitive and think we can't let that token go to waste - game must go on! And then, all the questions! "Mommy, why is that girl crying, why? Why is he fixing that machine, why? Why do we have to pay money, why? Why does that go round and round, why?" I feel like my ears are still ringing from all the noise, I can feel my temperature rising just thinking about it and the questions have not stopped. "But why should I not put play-doh in my hair, why? Why should I be quiet, why? Why does your head ache, why???"

When I finally got us out of there I rewarded myself with a quick visit to Michaels, which is conveniently right next door. I still hadn't gone and looked at the Martha Stewart line there. I love the way everything looks. Great colors, nice packaging, pretty, pretty, pretty. Had to stop myself from buying everything. Ever since I saw My Paper Crane's post on the tissue paper flower kit, I knew there would be lots of fun to be had in the Martha aisle. (I especially like the way she hung them) All kinds of stuff for making mental notes of - like, next time I need faux wood grain paper in pink, I'll know where to go!

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