Tuesday, July 24, 2007

no more wasted money on bad take-out

So, part of my monkey list (monkey's on my back) included finances. Feel like we've been spending like we're high rollers and it was high time for me to do some balancing and take stock of our situation. I was horrified to discover how much we've spent on take-out food over the past couple months. I guess the heat is partly to blame - don't want to heat up the kitchen cooking. But, it definitely woke me up. I mean, there's no need for us to spend so much beyond our budget simply because I'm hot and lazy. So, it inspired another project. Project Dinnertime! I'm quite capable of cooking, and actually enjoy it. So! Mark my words... at 6:00pm every evening, I will start cooking dinner. Pour myself a glass of wine and truly start to enjoy cooking again. Because, honestly, half the stuff we pick up isn't even really that good. We're all such picky eaters anyway - so cooking in means I can adjust recipes to our desires. For instance, I don't like a really meaty spaghetti sauce, while the husband does. So... solution = meatballs. This way, the husband gets his meat, I get the small amount of meat flavor without the chunks, we have plain spaghetti for the kidlet and everyone is completely happy. Exception is Tuesday night. We eat at my folks' house Tuesday nights. But - M, W, Th, F, Sa, Su... you can expect me to be cooking. No more wasted money on bad take-out! (it's what I'm challenging myself to do, anyway)

Last night on the menu:
Roasted Garlic Foccacia Bread
Spaghetti and chicken/beef Meatballs

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