Monday, July 16, 2007

have some aloha!

More designs for fabric. Thinking now along the lines of coordinated sets - like burp clothes, baby blankets and bibs to match. But, I'll admit, when I close my eyes without thinking every now and then, what pops into mind are very un-baby design ideas. They're such hazy images, so I'm not even sure what it is I'm thinking of, really. I suppose something that fits in with the Carlsbad surf scene. Maybe I'm more influenced by John From Cincinatti than I'm aware of - but I am feeling a strong beach blanket vibe here. Maybe these little guys need to be on a hoodie... I don't know. I just hate to pigeon hole myself into the whole baby world (and not that there's anything wrong with that... hello?... I have a 6-month old). Maybe it's all those years of trying so hard to not be caught up in that whole pink!blue!my ovaries are aching!--thang.

A couple years ago, my husband and I took our first trip to Hawaii post-baby. And, WE took the baby. You see, that's the way we hang - baby(ies) is(are) a part of us. Where we go, it(they) go. So, back to the story, we're on our first family trip and we get on board our plane and, as is expected, baby hits melt-down at about hour-4. Oh my gosh - the looks from the retired couples who are just so damn miserable in their grandchildless lives. I mean, I suppose I could sympathize with a younger crowd rolling their eyes - I, afterall, used to roll my eyes (I'm ashamed to admit). But on this plane were 2 couples who gave us stares and spoke very loudly about how there should be planes that don't let babies fly. "I would pay extra!" Bitch. (Oh, sorry, excuse my language - I just get so riled up thinking about this!) Have some aloha people! Hawaii shouldn't let people like that visit! How happy were we when we arrived on Oahu only to follow them over to our connecting flight to Kauai. It's like we were haunting them. We laughed very loudly in their direction. And then! - they were on our return flights home! How exhilarating! And, baby was a little angel for all remaining flights. In an attempt to intimidate, I stood next to one of the miserable women while waiting for our luggage and caught a glimpse of her name and address in big bold print on her luggage. (um, hello? If you're going to be a bitch, maybe it's not best to advertise who you are) But I'm a decent person, I didn't write it down and send her hate mail later. Does in make me indecent that I actually thought about it?

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Jules Knoblock said...

Hi there!
Did I leave a message about your flying elephants before?.. I can't remember. I was just reading thru some comments on my blog and thought I had to come pay you a visit.
The flying elephants must be contagious ;)
Yours are so cute (so is your bub!!)
Jules :)